Thank you for sharing your feedback

Thank you for this feedback!

A quick video testimonial can make a huge difference for my business.

If you appreciated the goodness that we were able to create together please consider recording a quick video, on your phone or computer, just to share your experience working with me.

I invite you to use any or all of these prompts for inspiration.

1 – How did you discover Chris –what problem were you looking to solve?
2 – What made you choose to work with Chris?
3 – What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from Chris?
4 – How has Chris helped you reach your goals–financial, cultural, even personal goals?
5 – What was it like to work with Chris?
6 – What is an example of how Chris went “the extra mile” to serve you?

7 – Why would you recommend Chris to someone else?
8 – If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with Chris Nixon”, what would you tell them?
9 – What has the post-sales/implementation relationship been like?
10 – How is Chris’ service aligned with or values and/or the values that drive your business?
11 – Chris was able to present the material in a way that…
12 – If you are looking for help with ABC Chris is the coach to contact, you won’t be disappointed.

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