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When you work with me,

Your feeling of being overwhelmed is gone!

Sleep Well At Night

You’ll sleep soundly instead of laying wide awake stressing about what to do the next day.

Clarity & Confidence

Enjoy clarity and confidence rather than confusion and chaos as you achieve your goals in LESS time.


Say goodbye to procrastination and paralysis and hello to productivity!


Get all your goals done this quarter with this one simple tool.

If you have tried dozens of planners, hacks, and apps but none of them ever bring you that sense of peace you are craving, you are not alone. Most productivity tools take too long to implement and maintain, adding more to your plate and getting in the way of your flow.
Try my super simple 1-page tool that seamlessly fits within your daily life and has you checking off the goals that matter most to you.


Chris Nixon

I spent 25 years in corporate Canada learning how to integrate time-savers into my day under some of the most variable conditions. I was always learning – Reading a book or taking a course on time management, productivity, materials management, continuous improvement, coaching, accountability, and more.

I took an idea from one book, and another idea from a course, and I developed a productivity system that worked for me!

I had a few friends who needed help taming their to-do lists, so I helped them create an individualized hand-tailored system for them. They loved it, and most importantly it worked.


The Productivity Mastery Method™ Podcast

Season 1 is now playing on the podcast playlist.
Listen to learn from the special guests.


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Knowing I have Happy Clients inspires me to continue my journey.

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