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Working From Home

Working from Home

Working from home has really increased my efficiency and productivity!

I no longer have to commute ?so that if I need an extra 30-minutes or even 60-minutes of sleep it is so easy to do.  As a result, I am better rested and more energized to take on my day.

I spend no time during the day catching up with people who share my floor.  That is not true, I do say good ?morning to my wife!  

When I was in the office I would spend a few minutes greeting each person I met on the way down the hallway to collect my morning tea.  I could normally spend 10 to 30 minutes each morning greeting ?and catching up.

Office Life is Distracting 

Working in the cubical world I would often hear personal phone calls or people talking. That would distract me and make my mind wander, making me less productive. ?

woman working in a cubical environment can be distracting
Working in a cubical environment can be distracting.

If I was working on a complicated project I would often seek out a small conference room so I could close the door? to concentrate and not be distracted.

I often dreamed about working from home but was first introduced to it in the summer of 2016.  In May our community of Fort McMurray was evacuated due to a huge raging forest? fire aptly named “The Beast”, and our company worked very hard to get everyone who could work from home to do so.  Well, I wasn’t “home”; I was in a rented condo a five-hour drive from home, and I was using a kitchen table I found at Goodwill as my desk. 

I was luckier than most of my colleagues when the evacuations happened.  I was on a business trip to another northern community so I had my laptop ?with me and most of my pertinent files and information I needed to work remotely.

I loved working from that condo!  I could close the door to the bedroom I was working out of and found a quiet oasis!  There was an ensuite in the bedroom so I didn’t even have to leave the room when I needed to use the facilities.  No long hallway to walk down every time I needed to use the bathroom.  Another benefit is that when I work from home I always have my favourite tea☕️to drink.

Our community was on fire evacuation for one month.  Groups were slowly being allowed home for about a week before I was allowed back at the beginning of June.  I was home again and resumed my lengthy commute ?to work every day.

Challenging Commute Convinced Me To Work From Home!

The attraction of working from home stayed in the back of my mind for more than a year.  Always taunting me because I had to get up at 4 am ⏰to catch the bus before 5 am for my 75-minute morning commute. When I was presented with the opportunity to leave the company I was working for and start my own business I jumped at the chance.  

man working from home with dog on his lap
A perk of working from home is that Fred the dog is always close by to help me relax.

The idea of working from home was the best part of the entire idea.  I was safe and comfortable in my own home.  I could close the door for privacy and quiet and if I needed a few minutes of puppy? time he was laying right at my feet.  The true joys of working from home!!

There are so many things I love about working from home ?and I am glad that these strange challenging times of this pandemic have introduced this option to so many different people!  Some people find it more challenging to work from home and need help keeping productive and efficient.  If that is you I can help you develop tools and habits to keep you meeting deadlines and keeping up with your daily workflow.  

Reach out to set up a meeting with me to get started!

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