Where Have All The Ideas Gone?

You have these great ideas, so you turned them into a business venture. Great, but now where have all the ideas gone?

So much to learn, and so much to do, to get this new business launched. And all of those responsibilities you bring with you from your “other” life. (Yes, you have two now, business and personal.)

You have gone and closed the gap – that gap contained your creative space. Now, what?!? The new ideas stopped flowing, and creativity crushed by overwhelm! Was this business venture one great big mistake?


But in hindsight, what did you expect? You had the ideas because you had the mental capacity, which you have now filled with all of this business stuff!

Okay, let’s fix this thing and get out of overwhelm and into business; let’s re-instate that creative space!

Priority one – get everything out of your head. (Yes, everything. You only reap the reward if you go all in.)

“WHAT!?! I might forget my important thoughts!” 

That is correct; if you don’t do priority two, that is, create a trusted system.

Once your brain believes two things:

  1. Your thoughts are captured in a safe place – they can be found easily at any time – they will not disappear, ever.
  2. Your thoughts will not be forgotten – you know you will review them periodically.

Once your brain believes these two vital truths, something magical happens – it relaxes. And when your mind relaxes, guess what? Creative space opens up. See, your brain is best suited for having ideas, not storing them.

So what is the best place for you to set up a trusted system? There is no wrong answer here; it only has to be the medium you are most comfortable with. Are you an analog paper person? Maybe sheets of printer paper in a folder is for you. Are you a digital electronic device person? Perhaps Evernote is the place that fits. Not sure? Give something a try to find out. It is that simple.

This is just the starting point of your personal productivity system, essential when becoming a solopreneur. Chris Nixon of Cadence Outcomes is a Productivity and Goal Planning System specialist, and an amazing professional coach. Chris can help you create your trusted system, your very own custom external brain, that will work the very best for you. You can contact Chris by visiting the Chris Nixon Coach Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/chrisnixonbrand

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