Change – When Projects Fail, Are You Ready to Make Changes??

The Change

The Bedding Plants are DEAD!! Ya, all the plants ?died ☠or look pretty sick!

A cartoon eggplant character is looking sick on a hospital bed.

I don’t know how long it has been that my wife??‍♀️ has started her own bedding plants.  I’m guessing it’s about 14 years.

Each year for 11 years, ?her plants would grow from tiny tiny seeds.  In a remarkably short period of time, there are three feet tall tomato plants everywhere in my house.

She grew everything:  Flowers, peppers, tomatoes, ?zucchini and everything grew fast, and healthy and was ready to be transplanted outside by May long weekend.

That was then and this is now!

Analyze What Changed and Find a Solution!

Since moving to Camrose three years ago she can not get any bedding plants to grow as she did before!?

Something has changed.  Something she has always done with ease has become a battle ?‍♀️that she is losing with sick and dying bedding plants, and she is pretty sad/mad about it!

This too happens in ?business.  You have a process that you have done for many many years and it has always been successful.  

The World is Constantly Changing and We Have to Change Too!!

Then something changes, maybe you now have more clients, or you have a new website ?that is working really well and you’re getting lots of inquiries from that source alone.   Whatever it is that has changed you are now finding it much more difficult to keep track of all the new things you have to do with your old system so things start to fall through the cracks.  Emails don’t get answered, meetings get missed, and very important to-do list items just get lost. 

Not keeping up to date with your efficiency could be a key?factor in the success of your business, and you have thought about that, but what do you need??  How do you find out what you need? 

I Find The Best Way To Keep You Efficient

This is where I ?come in to help.  I work with you to discover where you are, where you want to go and the best tools we can integrate into a system that will work for you.  Often I take parts of one system and adapt it with another system to meet your needs and style.  Then we implement the program together and tweak anything that is not working quite right. 

A new system that will keep your day-to-day workflow manageable and on point with your goals is a must-have and I can help keep your business productive, competitive ??and embracing new solutions when you need them.  

It’s time for you to set up an appointment with me so we can start getting you efficient!! 

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