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To Dream Big, You Have To Clear Space In Your Brain

Do you dream? big?

Do you take your big dreams and break them down into goals that you can complete in three months, ?six months or in one year? 

Now let’s take your goals and break them down another step ?so that you can tie the work you do every day to your goals. 

This is how big dreams get realized through hard ?work every day.

I am Learning to Dream Big!

I am not someone who grew up dreaming big.  I wanted to succeed at a job I loved ?doing, but I didn’t think my life would take the path it did.  I don’t think I knew how to dream big!

We can all learn how to dream big! A simple sandcastle with a dream bubble of an elaborate castle.
We can all learn how to dream big!

People who dream big find themselves in a billionaire battle to be the first in space ?this space race time around.

I was amazed and mesmerized when I watch Richard Branson and his team of seven release Virgin Blue✈️ from its parent aircraft.  How cool was that!

I also watched the footage of Wally Funk reaching her dream of floating in space that was denied her in the 1960s because she is a ?woman.  Jeff Bezos helped fulfill her dreams.

About 10 years ago my ?‍?‍?‍?family and I visited Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and we visited NASA’s launch site.  The tour guide said many times, “We use to do that but now it will be contracted out.”  NASA was no longer getting the money from the US government it needed to continue certain projects and that surprised me. 

As things change in government it allows the big dreamers to get involved and create a commercial space race.  Seeing ?an amazing opportunity is something we are all able to do but we may be too stressed and overwhelmed to see a new type of business as a great opportunity.  

Reduce Stress and Give Your Brain Room to be Creative!! 

A happy woman old studio looks out a large window. Give your brain space so you can learn to dream again.
Give your brain space so you can learn to dream again.

If you were less stressed to see the potential of a new venture your life would be impacted in great and wonderful ways.  There is a lot to be said for good habits and efficiency that give your mind space ⬜️to think, to be quiet and to notice the trends and new options available for you!

The people who are able to dream big are also able to delegate, onboard more people to their organization when they need them.  They also have figured out how to reduce stress and eliminate overwhelm, but for most of us who are learning to dream ?️big, we need to find the space in our brains to be creative so we can begin to dream and see good opportunities for what they are. 

People surprise me when I talk with them about their efficiency.  Most people are not very efficient and don’t know how to ↩️change that.  Like NASA they need to contract that out but don’t have someone to urge them to do that.  This is me urging you to look for help to develop your potential, to grow and learn new things. 

Learn To See The Help You Need!

If you struggle with being overwhelmed if you have more work than you can complete in a day, and if your to-do list ?is too scary to even look at then you need help getting organized, getting efficient and getting in control!

I spent 25 years in Corporate Canada helping people get organized, get efficient and get in control and I can do it for you too!

Reach out to chat and let’s start to dream big!!

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