This One Thing Reduces Stress and Overwhelm!!

A Brain Dump Will Reduce Your Stress And Overwhelm

Reduce your stress level and remove that feeling of overwhelm with the non-traditional practice of a Brain Dump!

I often get a strange look from clients when we start the brain? dump exercise.  They can not fathom why I want to know what they are thinking and what good will it do to write everything down. Their mind commences the inevitable tug-of-war between “I don’t know what to write” and “how can I possibly write everything down?”

As amazing as their thoughts must be, I don’t want to know them, but I do want them to get that information out of their head!!??

Write Everything Down

Write Everything Down

So we start the exercise which is to write down everything that comes into their head.  Four or five items are written down and then they remember? three more items and they just keep on writing. It’s freeing, they get excited with how much more comes to their mind after they write down those first four or five ideas.  

Work With Pen and Paper

People who work with pen and paper, and yes it is fine to work with pen and paper,? end up with pages and pages of items they want to do or are just thinking about.  

Nothing is off the table during a brain dump and everything that comes to mind is written down!  For example: family visits, business lunches, new computer? programs to try, developing a meditation habit, peanut butter.  All of these are great items that can flow out of their head during a brain dump.  What needs to be remembered is all these ideas are important so they need to be captured in a format that can be worked with. 

Get More Creative 

Getting all of that information out of a person’s mind is freeing.  It stimulates creativity, improves efficiency, and is the first step in getting organized!! 

Most people might need a little encouragement and guidance when doing a brain? dump but it is doable so if you might need a little help book a quick call and we can put our heads together.

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