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Solving the Work-Life Balance for Almost 25 years!!

I can reduce your overwhelm and stress so that when you are with your family you can be in the present.  

Here is my story on how I learned to do this!

I fought For Work-life Balance For Years

I got married? when I was 22, and for the first four years of my marriage, I worked out of town three weeks out of the month!

It Sucked!!

I was making a good income? and my wife could be a stay-at-home mom, but I only saw my wife and two small sons mostly on the weekends.

I Needed to Be Home Every Night!!

I wanted, no, I needed a change.  I applied for a desk job and I got it!! 

I was overjoyed!! I’d be home every night for supper and to put my boys?‍?‍?‍? to bed. 

It was all good. 

Or so I thought!?

Creating Solutions in my Work-Flow!

My first few months at this new position were challenging and I noticed that I would have to make some changes in how the job was done or I would be spending some late nights at the office just to get my work done. 

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So I started my journey of being more effective in my job!!  To assess my workflow and see where I could make changes.  My goal was to get my work done in less⌚️ time so I could be home for dinner every night at 6 pm.  It worked!!

I was so excited that I took a position that would soon require regular overtime and introduced computer? programs (spreadsheets mainly at that time lol) to-do lists and procedure manuals that transformed that job into a consistent 9 to 5 position. 

That was in 1998 and since then whenever I take a new position I have consistently changed the workflow so that the work was done in less time. 

Solving the Work-Life Balance Since 1998!

I solved the work/life balance dilemma that every working person stresses about!

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Since I streamlined the effectiveness of that first position I have spent my free time learning about different productivity systems, tools? and how to best integrate them into my workflow. 

I have received praise from countless supervisors about the quality, efficiency and speed of my work, and now I receive the same praise from clients!

When I decided to leave that first position in 2007 the company replaced me with two?? people because the replacements did not know how efficiency can transform a workload. 

I can give this to you!

I can get you home every night for ?dinner!  

I can reduce your overwhelm and stress so that when you are with your family ?‍?‍?‍?you can be in the present.  

I will solve your work/life balance dilemma!

Reach out for a coffee chat and we can get started.

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