Navigate a Busy World Using Full Focus Planner and Focusmate When Focus Doesn’t Come Naturally, With Jen Jonassaint

006  Jen covers the ins and outs of applying accountability with the Full Focus Planner system and Focusmate to navigate a busy world, helping others to create a generational legacy.  “Systems and structure really are the foundation of being successful. It just helps you to build a better framework.”

Special Guest, Jen Jonassaint, is wife to a strong loving leader and mother to a handsome, creative and curious tween inventor. An urban city dweller transplant from Trinidad, now living in Mass I have a love for a variety of upbeat music and cultural cuisine, the outdoors, summer, travel to different new and fun places, Zumba, barre, Pilates, fitness dance, weight lifting and connecting with others near and far. As a former health and wellness Coach, an Enneagram 7 with an IDSC Disc profile, I love being able to connect with all types of people, all the while creating memories and documenting important milestones. Coaching is my passion, it’s what I have been purposed to do. Over the last two and a half decades, I’ve helped thousands of clients become financially aligned, educated, and empowered. I invite clients to claim their unique brilliance, dream big, make an impact, leave a legacy and change their world.

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