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Make It So Accountability

This extra boost of accountability is perfect:

When the end of a project is in sight and you need an extra set of eyes and ears to ensure nothing is missed.  I coach you through this stressful time and the project ends on time and on budget.
For you, if you are the Procrastinator who needs the extra motivational push to begin to develop good habits. I help you finish what you start!
For your great idea that’s been sitting on the back burner for a few years and you want to develop it into a project!

You might be experiencing the following:

That uneasy feeling that important items are falling through the cracks.
Having difficulty writing goals and developing habits that will more your business forward.
You are committing to everything and are unable to complete anything.

Or maybe…

You are stressed because you’re not sure you can bring this project in on time.
You are not working consistently.  You feel always guilty because of your procrastination.
Your idea has been floating around your head for so long that you feel it will never become a project.

And then…

The completion of the project is behind schedule and over budget.
Your procrastination has put your business in turmoil.  Your revenue has not been as high as you projected. The chances of you losing your business and the work you love to do are very real.
The idea that you would love to create into a project remains in the idea folder forever.
Red stop sign

Do any of these ring true?

The truth is:

When completing a project all of the responsibility can’t be on you.  If you are responsible for everything mistakes can be made because we don’t have an extra set of hands and eyes to pull the project thru to its end.
It’s ok.  We all have problems with accountability.  We make promises to do something and then find 10 other things that fill our day, and before we know it the day is over and our promise has gone unfulfilled.
Bringing an idea into the light and developing it can take a lot of time.  Sometimes we don’t have that extra time to risk.

With accountability support…

The project is completed on time ⌚️and on budget without any deletions or missing pieces because you were able to hire help to ensure success.
You are able to develop new positive habits that increase your accountability and your procrastination decreases.  You begin to see progress and you are invigorated in your work every day.
By implementing accountability tools you are able to get your work done faster.  As a result, you have the ⏲time to develop your long-ago idea into a project that will make you money.

I now have a process for setting up my daily schedule that ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Meghan Gillespie

What’s included:

A QUICK 20-min ⏲One-on-One weekly accountability Zoom call at a mutually agreed time to review your weekly review and on-the-spot coaching as needed when time permits; each call specifically focusing on these three key areas:
> commitments from last week
> commitments set for the coming week
> how successful were you in using your productivity system
Instant messaging to support you during the week if you have questions.
You will use the accountability spreadsheet each week to see how good you are at using your system.  This will help you build good habits and keep focused on your goals.
4, 8 or 12-week term, you decide what’s right for you.

I have been doing “accountability sessions” with my coach that have proven incredibly useful. In general, I’ve learned that having another person involved with anything helps me get it done.

Idris Mokhtarzada

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