Increase Productivity to Create Personal Time

How to make Personal Time as Important as Work Time

Erika has a really good friend, Michelle. They are the types of friends that don’t see each other that often anymore, but the minute they sit down with each other, it feels like no time has passed.

The conversation flows easily, the laughs come frequently, and the coffee hour passes too quickly.

Erika Needs Coffee

Promises are made that the coffee hour will happen again soon, maybe next month, but six months pass just like that, and Erika is jonesing for a coffee and a fun chat with her friend Michelle.

Erika misses the contact with her friend, and she uses the old excuse that she’s just too busy to take the time she needs to meet up with old friends, to read that new Jodi Picoult novel, see the next Star Wars release, or even to see her mom more than once a month. 

Erika has realized that her “me” time has evaporated into three sessions at the gym every week.  

What Makes Erika Happy

Erika begins to think about what makes her happy.  She loves her job as a journalist but finds she often works outside of the 9 to 5 bubble, and she works most weekends.

Her work schedule makes organizing her social life difficult because most other people work that 9 to 5 bubble.  Yes, her job makes her happy but so do so many other things that she is ignoring lately.  

It’s time to take things in hand, as Erika’s mom says.  Erika decides to take a long hard look at her life and understand why she no longer does what makes her happy and brings her joy. 

However, that is easier said than done; she wonders about what that first step is.  Should she start making lists or write down the people she is missing or activities she is longing to do? 

This thought-provoking exercise is getting her a bit overwhelmed, but wait a minute; she’s pretty sure she saw a Facebook post about this guy…

A guy who is a Productivity Systems Specialist who promises to help you get organized, reduce your overwhelm, and increase your productivity.  

She contacts, and she meets him via Zoom for a free 30-minute strategy session. 

She likes what she hears and hires him to help her develop a system that will keep her organized, focused on work while keeping her connected with family and friends and allowing her to take advantage of free time to read, see a movie or just relax in the sun. 

Erika is excited and more motivated than she has been in a long time.  She feels that her whole life will turn a crucial corner, and she is soooo looking forward to it. 

Start working with an Expert

Erika starts working with Chris. Together they developed a productivity system that addressed all the areas of Erika’s business and personal life.

She developed tricks, learned some tools, and started following a system that increased her productivity, made personal time a priority, and organized her goals and daily procedures. 

They even addressed the inconvenience of her work hours and came up with a solution to meet friends who are available during her off hours, and schedule a reading hour at 10 am and a Sunday afternoon movie date with friends at her house.     

Erika’s Life is a lot Happier

Erika can’t believe how things have turned around.  She has found a bunch more time, connected with friends, and has lunch with her mom every Wednesday.

Erika had a limiting belief that personal time was at a specific time, weekends and evenings only. Now she realizes that personal time can be whenever she can make the most of it.

Breaking through that limiting belief helped her create a very fulfilling lifestyle that can easily adapt to scheduling and priorities changes.

Erika and Michelle now meet every month, it’s not on the same day, but Erika has a note in her planner to text Michelle about a week before they meet up to see what day works best for both of them.

This old connection made new again has added a lot of happiness to Erika’s life.

She feels more inspired and creative, and in her work, has found rejuvenation as a journalist that keeps her motivated and full of energy.

Now, if only she could convince Michelle to get herself organized, it wouldn’t always be up to Erika to make the plans!

Get Your Life on Track

You, too, can work with Chris to increase your productivity, and identify what you need in your life to increase your motivation, creativity and inspiration.

Reach out to schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with Chris.

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