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How to Get Organized and Stop Anxiety or Overwhelm

Stop anxiety and overwhelm

You know you need help getting organized, to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and anxiety that you face every day,?  but where do you begin?  There are so many systems out there to help you with your productivity, time management, and let’s not forget project planning!  It’s a project in itself to analyze and pinpoint? the one system that might work for you.

Stop ?worrying because there is another way!  What if I told you that I have a guy? who makes it his life’s work to learn ?and understand a lot of different time management, productivity, project planning & accountability systems. . . 

I know a Guy!

. . . and that this guy ?works with people, like you, to integrate the best from the different systems into something specially designed for you.  A system that will work for you and your business.?

But that’s not all!  My guy ?not only creates a system for you but he also implements it with you.

I know you have been waiting to know who my guy ?is, so wait no more.   My guy is me, Chris Nixon!  

I spent the last 25 years learning and perfecting ways to be more productive!

I’m the guy!!?

I worked in Corporate Canada? for 25 years learning and perfecting ways to be more productive, and more efficient!

It started out of a need!

It started out of a need! I got a new desk job after being on? tools ?for six years. 

The new desk job had an inefficient workflow.  There was a lot of work? that was being done that did not need to be done. 

If I didn’t change the effectiveness of this position I was going to have to do a lot of overtime,⌚️ and I wanted to be home for dinner ?every night.  I began implementing new computer ?programs, and productivity tools ?into my day and soon the idea of having to do overtime⌚️ was gone.

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I listen to you and I learn from you to design the productivity system that will work for you!

My manager? was amazed at how quickly I turned that position around!!  Not only because I got my work done in less time ⌚️but also because of the accuracy of my work.  

Now I want to help you be more efficient and get your work done in less time.  

First I start by listening??to you.  I learn your needs, how you work, programs you have used in the past, and what you want to accomplish in the future.

The Program Is Designed so You Reach All of Your Goals

Your business? is important to you, it’s important to me too. 

I want you to succeed and prosper and reach all of your business, personal, financial? and growth goals.  

If you need help with getting organized, being more efficient and wanting to reduce your stress levels then we need to get started!!

Reach out to set up an appointment.

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