Five-Steps to Get You Organized and Reduce Your Overwhelm!!

Many of us suffer from the Scattered ?Mind Syndrome that afflicts the busy, the time-constrained, the business owner and the business executive. In fact, this is the second time I have discussed Scattered Mind Syndrome which I wrote about here a while back.

Luckily there is a cure!?  

The cure to Scattered Mind Syndrome is to get you organized, and it is administered in five easy steps.  It is not time-consuming, but ⌚️it takes a bit of work turning the cure into a habit!  

Step 1

???? ??? is to empty your head of everything that makes you want to stop working? when you suddenly remember that task that needs to be done too and then move off into the direction of that new thought.  In the world of productivity, we call that a squirrel!!

Get a paper and pen and write down everything that you are thinking ? about.  Everything that pops into your mind.  Here’s an example:

  • Brainstorm social media ideas.
  • Write an about page for the website.
  • Call the bank to discuss a Line of Credit.
  • Paint the fence.

Make a Home List and a Work List

Step 2

An urgent task list to get you organized.
Take your time and think about what really needs to be done NOW! Let’s get you organized!

???? ??? is to create a Home List and a Work List.  Go through the list you just made and transfer them to one or the other list.  Everything you would do at home? like cook dinner, grocery shop, call mom goes on your Home List.  Your Work List is everything that pertains to your business including, but not limited to, hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) buying paper for a printer, and connecting with 25 people a day. 

Step 3

???? ????? is to look for anything that is urgent? and highlight it.  Make sure not to mark everything urgent.  Take your time and think about what really needs to be done NOW!   When you start to work through your List you will do the urgent ones first. 

Step 4

???? ???? is to work that List!!?  Begin to complete the tasks, and the best thing is when a task is completed you can check it off!!

Checking Items off Lists is The Most Satisfying Thing EVER!!

Checking Items off Lists is The Most Satisfying Thing EVER!!

Some days when I have worked very hard on a task and it’s been a lot of work to complete, I like to take a thick felt marker and just blacken that whole line out so that I can’t even see what is written there but I know it is done and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  My way of putting that task to bed!!??

Step 5

???? ???? is to capture thoughts and ideas ?the minute you think of them. Later we process the information and add it to the To-Do List. Don’t forget to check items off when they are completed. This is where habit-forming starts to take place. 

The sense of accomplishment you feel once you complete this process is amazing.  Also, that scatterbrain? feeling your use to is gone!  Just like that!  You know what you have to do next and nothing will get ❓forgotten.  The next feeling that comes your way is Absolute Relief.  Your mind has room in it again and you can be creative for the first time in a long time.

The To-Do List Tamer Can Help You!

If you need help to get these five steps started then contact Chris Nixon and his team who are working hard to end Scattered ?Mind Syndrome. Let’s get you organized and you will experience absolute relief!!  

Contact me to set up a call!

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