Managing An ADHD Life And Business With Danielle Ralston

005 Danielle covers having fun and changing it up to satisfy the different needs of the neurodiverse, ADHD business people. She shares a 6-step planning system that is life-changing for both children and adults: 1- Brain dump,  2- Break it all down, 3- Evaluate it, 4- Rank in importance, 5- Break it out into days, and 6- Pick only 3 things to do at a time. She also talks about different systems, making them work for you, the pitfalls of having too many, and how systems enabled her to thrive in business through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Image of Danielle Ralston

Special Guest

Danielle Ralston

Danielle Ralston has spent the last 20+ years running small businesses for others or building her own. She is a Master in Life, Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, a Professional ADHD Coach, award-winning CEO & 6+figure multi-business owner.

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