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Be Open to Change Because It Is Going to Happen✨

Be open to change

How do you fix a new kind of problem or issue facing your business?  Do you have a tried and true method of problem-solving that has served you for years that you continue to use?

In this ever-changing world, we business owners and entrepreneurs have to be the proactive group that searches for a new way of problem-solving, a new way to achieve results or to embrace that out-of-the-box thinking that will help us grow in leaps and bounds. 

I am reminded by that old saying, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”  When problem solvers see a need they begin to invent, create and think of solutions.

Looking for an Alternative to KEYS?

My sons were about nine and 11 when we gave them each a key to the house.  The problem was that both my wife and I were at work and they needed to get inside. 

The solution was the old method of a key for each child.  That solution did not work so well for my sons. This type of thinking started the endless cycle of “lost my key dad” discussions and me running out to get a new key cut.  

It was because of our family that the neighbourhood locksmith was able to go to Hawaii in 2007. It came to the point that the locksmith kept a couple of my extra keys under the counter because he knew I would be back next week.  Really it did get that bad.

Be open to change!

The key cycle continued until we moved to a new community and had the opportunity to build a house. 

The first thing I put on the design sheet was a keyless entry. 

A newer product that saved me money and the inconvenience of rushing home from work because I have a kid locked out of the house at -20 C. Yes, that did happen!

Getting the help you need to tame this ⌚️time-wasting, productivity-sucking beast, ? is not as hard as you think!

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I embraced the keyless entry with gusto but I know new products and new technologies can create a lot of anxiety in people, so I had to introduce the product to my family over a couple of days. 

We had a short, “This is how it works,” session, and after using it for a few days it just became part of our everyday lives and we all stopped thinking about it. By introducing the keyless entry slowly the stress of this new product did not impact any of us.  

Evaluating your Workflow Creates Positive Change?

I am not about dismantling your current system.  I am about evaluating your current system and introducing habits, tools, and a different way to look at things to increase your productivity and efficiency. 

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If you are using a system that you have used for years and it still meets your needs then there may not be a need or reason to replace it.  Keeping what works is good. 

Changing what you find is challenging or doesn’t work is what will keep you competitive and learning about the needs of your company and clients. 

Like the keyless entry gave me a lot of security that my sons would be able to get into the house the new habits we develop for you will provide you with a trusted system that will move your business forward to reaching the goals you have set for it.

Taking the first step to evaluate your workflow starts with a simple phone call. 

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