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Accountability is NOT Easy and You Know It

My dog, Fred, is a happy, happy, happy happy, happy guy!  He gets four to five walks a day, about every other day he goes to the dog park which is about 2 km from our house.

Happy Fred

Fred is always happy to go to the DOG PARK!

I snap Fred into his special car harness, and off we go.  By the time I have driven halfway there, Fred knows where we are going.  He starts to whine and jumps around in the back seat.  Thank goodness for the harness.

Our dog park is pretty nice.  It’s behind the Safeway and Staples stores and does double duty as a floodplain relief basin.  It has hills and gullies, and a walking path halfway up the basin.  The wild grasses on the hill areas are left to grow tall and become very pretty in the summer.  Some days I lose Fred in the tall grass for a few seconds, but our little Pekapoo can’t stay still for long and I always see him in a matter of seconds.

Who’s Hiding The Poop

As attractive as the tall grasses are, they hide something sinister.  I began to notice this as fall began and the wild grasses started to lie down on the ground.  I noticed dog poop.  Lots and lots of dog poop — at the dog park — where they provide you with free bags and bins in four locations so you can pick up the dog poop and throw it away.  

I’m there at the dog park a lot, and I have never noticed a dog owner not picking up their dog’s poop.  I even saw one dog owner pick it up in a tissue, mash it around in her hands for a few minutes, and then walk over to the bag stand and get a bag.  It was a bit icky, but we all have our own systems.  At least she picked it up.

Are dogs breaking in at night to have their way with the dog park?

Where does all this poop come from?  Believe me, it’s a lot!!  Do the dog owners only pick up the poop when there are other dog owners in the park to witness them?  If they are alone in the park do they do the fist pump in the air because no one is there to see them not pick up the poop?  Are dogs breaking in at night to have their way with the dog park?

Accountability is not easy

This theory of, ‟I only do what I need to do when someone is watching me” transfers to the business world easier than you think.  Entrepreneurs struggle with accountability every day because they work alone, they strategize alone, they implement alone.  Some days the motivation to get up and do what you know needs to be done isn’t there.  Accountability is not easy and you know it.  There is a way to move out of the noncommitment.  There is help for someone who just needs that extra push with accountability.  Chris Nixon Coach will get you motivated and accountable to your day-to-day business needs, and to your long term goals.  Soon spinning your wheels, or hiding your poop, will be things of the past.

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